About Chambers County

Anchored by the three unique cities of LaFayette, Lanett, and Valley, Chambers County is home to a diverse population of 34,772 — roughly 55% white and 40% black — and situated in eastern Alabama, a short drive from Atlanta, Birmingham, and Montgomery.

Known for its resiliency, and as the birthplace of former heavyweight boxing world champion Joe Louis, Chambers County is a former textile mill community that was decimated by job loss in the 1990s and 2000s. But thanks to hard work and coordinated effort by local leaders and community members, the area has bounced back and is now home to some of the country’s most booming industries including forest products, warehousing and logistics, food and beverage, automotive, plastics, healthcare, telecommunications, and building materials.

And despite its blue-collar history, the area has also been home to several notable tech startups:  Knology (WOW!), Deltacom (Earthlink), and InterCall (West).

Community partners

  • The Circle of Care uses proven research to provide education, resources, and support to help families in the Chambers County and Greater Valley Area become stronger, healthier, and happier. The organization works to develop partnerships throughout the area to strengthen our communities for the sake of individuals, families, and especially children. It offers programs and services designed to improve quality of life, ensure safety, promote well-being, and help all families build a bright future for generations to come.
  • The Chambers County Development Authority (CCDA) actively recruits industrial, commercial, and retail opportunities for Chambers County. The CCDA strives to improve the quality of life through retaining and adding new, quality jobs, providing leadership, and encouraging economic and community development in all of Chambers County.
  • The Innovation Center is a collaborative partnership of the Circle of Care Center for Families and the Chambers County Development Authority that aims to provide startup businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers the resources and space to run their businesses, including virtual office space and conference room rentals, to help small businesses grow.

As a rural community, the opportunities to work with similar areas in fostering the growth our tech ecosystem is a resource we never saw as an option, particularly in the southeast. It is a great source of pride to be part of the Network, and we believe this will help us scale a part of our economy that has been untapped.

Chris Busby, Deputy Director, Chambers County Development Authority

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Today, these local leaders are focused on educating and training local residents in digital skills (especially those traditionally excluded from the tech industry), employing them in new economy jobs, and empowering them to launch startups that will drive a prosperous 21st-century economy. Diverse in geography, economic origin, and demographics, these communities represent the full spectrum of rural America.