Our mission

The Center on Rural Innovation (CORI) was founded in 2017 to address the dramatic opportunity gap between rural and urban communities that grew out of the Great Recession.

We are committed to advancing economic prosperity in rural America through the creation of inclusive digital economy ecosystems that support scalable entrepreneurship and tech job creation.

We partner with our sister organization, Rural Innovation Strategies, Inc. (RISI), a taxable nonprofit corporation using data-driven strategies, leading-edge geospatial tools, and digital economy expertise to advance our work in pursuit of rural equity and opportunity.

Revitalizing rural America requires new economic development approaches tailored for the 21st century.

Our vision for the future

Right now, 15% of America’s workforce lives in rural America but only 5% of the nation’s tech employment is in rural areas.

By 2030, we want rural America to have 15% of the nation’s digital economy jobs, distributed to match the gender and race demographics of each region. CORI will achieve this goal by supporting the creation of digital economy ecosystems in rural communities.

Ultimately, we will reach our goal by building the capacity of rural communities through technical assistance, connecting communities to national caliber resources, delivering data-driven tools to provide insights to community leaders, and ensuring early stage investment flows to rural entrepreneurs.

Our Rural Innovation Network is critical to this effort. Through it, we will continue building a virtual pipeline of tech startups for investors. We will continue developing a pool of skilled technologists for national tech partners to hire from. We will continue fostering a nationwide community of practice that allows for learning and best practices to be shared across a wide variety of rural communities.

Join us

We are always open to new partnerships and opportunities that will help us build a more equitable economic future for rural America. If you would like to explore working together, please fill out our contact form.