About Nacogdoches

Known as the “oldest town in Texas,” Nacogdoches is a place with rich history and traditions, including the iconic brick-covered streets of its vibrant downtown core. Its location makes it an easy day trip or overnight getaway from Houston or Dallas.

The city’s 32,000 residents enjoy an abundance of natural resources — the state’s “garden capital” is situated among the pine woods of East Texas, — as well as the amenities that come with being a college town. Nacogdoches is home to Steven F. Austin State University, a comprehensive institution dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, creative work, and service, with an undergraduate enrollment of around 10,000.

The area’s business community is known for its spirit of collaboration, and is eager to build its tech workforce.

Community partner
  • The Nacogdoches/Nacogdoches County Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO) is a public-private partnership formed in 1996 to promote, assist, stimulate, and enhance economic development in Nacogdoches, Texas, promoting growth and prosperity for Nacogdoches County. NEDCO works closely with public and private entities to strengthen the regional economy, helping businesses locate and grow, develop the workforce, and assist with recruitment for new businesses that improve the community’s quality of life.

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Today, these local leaders are focused on educating and training local residents in digital skills (especially those traditionally excluded from the tech industry), employing them in new economy jobs, and empowering them to launch startups that will drive a prosperous 21st-century economy. Diverse in geography, economic origin, and demographics, these communities represent the full spectrum of rural America.