About Ada

Ada is a town of 17,000 located in southern Oklahoma that serves as a commercial, medical, and education hub for the region. 

Ada is home to the Chickasaw Nation’s headquarters and East Central University, as well as to successful companies like LegalShield. Ada has also long been a hub for water research and innovation through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Robert S. Kerr Environmental Center, the Chickasaw Nation, and the Oka’ Water Research Institute. 

Community partner

The Ada Jobs Foundation contracts with the city of Ada to promote and recommend economic development opportunities. The Foundation was established in 1998 to create and retain quality jobs for the area, and serves as a “one-stop shop” for economic development by coordinating with the city and other entities for the community’s benefit.

What RIN means to Ada

“The Ada Jobs Foundation knows firsthand the great opportunities and challenges in building a supportive ecosystem for rural technology companies and startups. We are thrilled to have so many partners in the Rural Innovation Network that really understand the unique challenges of doing this work in rural locations.”

Jim Eldridge, Ada Jobs Foundation

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Today, these local leaders are focused on educating and training local residents in digital skills (especially those traditionally excluded from the tech industry), employing them in new economy jobs, and empowering them to launch startups that will drive a prosperous 21st-century economy. Diverse in geography, economic origin, and demographics, these communities represent the full spectrum of rural America.