The Center On Rural Innovation (CORI) and Rural Innovation Strategies, Inc (RISI) have put together a series of webinars for Economic Development District leaders and Economic Development Representatives about the value of tech-based economy ecosystem building (TBED) in rural America. This webinar, the second in the series, focuses on strategies for supporting tech entrepreneurship in rural America.

Key takeaways

Attendees will be introduced to the role of entrepreneurship in tech-based economic development and see real-world examples of this work happening in CORI’s Rural Innovation Network. This webinar answers key questions including:

  • What is scalable entrepreneurship?
  • How do scalable tech startups differ from small businesses?
  • How does scalable entrepreneurship factor into rural economic development?
  • How do we measure the development of a region’s entrepreneurship support capacity?
  • What activities, assets, and resources are necessary for a community to advance along this framework?
  • What are some actionable ways to apply and uplift this work?

Learn from a team of experienced professionals that work closely with rural community leaders as they plan and execute strategies to create and scale tech startups that bring more innovation, jobs, and wealth to rural America.


Have questions about the webinar or want to learn more about the ways CORI and RISI support rural communities as they build their tech-based economies? Contact us.

This content was prepared by Rural Innovations Strategies, Inc. using Federal funds under award ED20HDQ3120070 from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Economic Development Administration or the U.S. Department of Commerce.