Join our team!

You’ll love working for CORI if:

  • You want to join a fast-moving social enterprise with a clear mission and entrepreneurial culture
  • You are comfortable working with an intense, ambitious team
  • You are willing to take risks, learn from experiments that don’t work, and try another approach
  • You have a strong attention to detail, but also the ability to align and prioritize specific initiatives to strengthen the whole operation
  • You take initiative and ownership of your responsibilities
  • You like building new things and working collaboratively with others to design and implement new solutions.
  • You believe that a team whiteboard scrum, an afternoon IPA session at the hilltop brewery, and morning caffeination at the local bakery are all equally great ways to surface ideas and make good decisions
  • You believe that Rural America provides real economic opportunity and that sustainable, future-focused development is the key to bridging many of the geographic and economic divides facing our country


Rural Innovation Network Manager

Program Manager: Rural Innovation Initiative