Marquette, Michigan

Nestled between 83 miles of Lake Superior shoreline and the foothills of the Huron Mountains sits the remote community of Marquette — the largest city and business epicenter of Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula. Here, outdoor recreation is a lifestyle.

And thanks to the presence of high-speed internet, local leaders are looking to strengthen the local economy — beyond traditional industries and tourism — through tech entrepreneurship and attracting remote workers. Learn how Innovate Marquette and the broader Marquette community are trying to spark new opportunities in our latest Rural Edge film.

The Center on Rural Innovation created the Rural Edge series to highlight the people who are changing the narrative about what’s possible in rural America. Watch the video to learn more about Marquette and meet the change agents, leaders, and innovators who call it home.

The Rural Edge series

At CORI, we have a saying: Once you’ve seen one rural community, you’ve seen one rural community.

America’s small towns are diverse and dynamic, and through our work with our Rural Innovation Network, we have the privilege of working in depth with 34 communities building digital economy ecosystems. To highlight these incredible places, we’ve set out to create video case studies highlighting our communities’ efforts.

Check out previous installments in the series:

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