Surfacing rural assets

Small towns can leverage local assets that make these communities the kinds of places that digital economy workers and entrepreneurs want to live and work.

From the low cost of housing to outdoor amenities and beautiful downtowns, many factors are already in place in rural communities across the country. Combined with broadband infrastructure and a digital talent pipeline, certain communities are well positioned to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our surfacing local assets map identifies necessary elements of inclusive digital economies, allowing for a targeted exploration of these assets in rural communities. As you zoom in on specific areas, the map reveals both clusters and the absence of different assets and institutions.

Use this map to:

  • Locate your own community and determine the assets that define it
  • Curate and compare the assets that define specific rural communities in your state
  • Identify places with key assets that drive digital economy ecosystems

About our work

The Center on Rural Innovation builds data-driven maps, tools, and resources that highlight rural America’s opportunities and challenges. To learn more about our work, visit our data and mapping page.

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