Mentoring rural tech entrepreneurs

The Center on Rural Innovation created the Rural Innovation Mentor Network to support the small-town tech entrepreneurs who call one of our Rural Innovation Network (RIN) communities home.

Mentors are critical to the survival and growth of tech startups, and the need for a strong mentor network is amplified in rural America, where specific tech, startup or industry expertise and connections can be difficult or impossible to come by locally.

Through our mentor network, startup founders are virtually connected to best-in-class mentors. By mentoring a RIN startup, you will serve as a trusted advisor and guide to entrepreneurs in rural America who would not otherwise have access to this level of expertise.

If you want to support passionate rural entrepreneurs as they embark on their startup up journey, consider signing up today!

Interested in becoming a rural tech mentor?

We are seeking individuals with valuable experience who can mentor the next generation of tech startups based in rural America. We've put together a handful of helpful questions to help you better understand this exciting opportunity.

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