Applicants must finish all BEAD-related deployments no later than four years from receipt of grant funds.

In most states, applicants receive more points if they accelerate their deployment timeline. In others, deployments only need to be completed within a three-year period to score full points.

This point category is required in the secondary criteria section of the scoring rubric, per BEAD funding rules. 

Questions to ask before you start your application

How important is speed to deployment relative to other categories that may be in conflict with that category?

  • For example, accelerating deployment timelines may increase BEAD outlay.

Strategies for success in this category

As anyone who has built broadband networks can tell you, construction projects are almost always delayed. Applicants will need to take this into account, while also trying to minimize disruptions in construction and maximize points in this category. 

  • Include appropriate buffer time in construction timelines.
  • Run a cost-benefit analysis that considers other scoring metrics and impact on construction costs before deciding how fast to attempt a build. 
  • Provide historical timelines for engineering, materials procurement, contracting procurement, permitting, and other factors to help establish credibility in this point category. 
  • Help validate applicant construction timetables by demonstrating a plan for the above processes. Make sure to note existing experience and relationships with permitting authorities and contractors.
  • Consider adding liquidated damages terms to contracts with construction companies to support on-time delivery.

Questions? Get in touch. 

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