Applicants will need to demonstrate that they have organizational and managerial capacity and readiness to implement the program and manage the BEAD grant in a competent manner. States need to ensure that applicants:

  • Are capable of carrying out funded activities in compliance with applicable federal, state, territorial, and local laws
  • Have the managerial and financial capacity to meet the commitments of the grant 
  • Have the technical and operational capability to provide the outlined services 

Note: Some states will require you to submit this information ahead of the application window as part of a pre-qualification process.

What to prepare before the application window opens

A business plan that substantiates the sustainability of the proposed project 

  • This can be provided in the form of pro forma statements or analyses, including cash flow and balance sheet projections, and include at least three years of operating cost and cash flow projections post-targeted project completion.

Resumes for all key management personnel and any necessary organizational chart(s) detailing all parent, subsidiaries, and affiliates

Narratives describing your readiness to manage a broadband services network that includes:

  • Experience and qualifications of key management for undertaking this project
  • Experience undertaking projects of similar size and scope
  • Recent and upcoming organizational changes including mergers and acquisitions
  • Relevant organizational policies

If you are new to the broadband market, documentation to demonstrate that the newly formed entity has obtained sufficient operational capabilities through internal or external resources. Include information such as:

  • Resumes from key personnel
  • Project descriptions and narratives from contractors, subcontractors, or other partners with relevant operational experience, or other comparable evidence
  • Technical and operational capability to provide the services promised in the subgrant in the manner contemplated by the subgrant award

If you have significant experience deploying broadband networks but no experience operating them, documentation to demonstrate operational capability by entering a binding contract with another entity with operational experience.

If you are a newly established special purpose vehicle created by a consortium of entities, documentation that points to the capabilities and experience of those entities in support of its application. 


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