Business Analytics

General Information

In this program, learners will become experts in the basics of data analysis for business. Specifically, we will focus on:

  • Data analysis skills and tools
  • How to use Excel, SQL, and Tableau to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data
  • Make better, data-informed decisions

Project Examples

Query a Digital Music Store Database – Query a digital music store database which holds information regarding the store’s media, employees, and customers. Use the database to help the store gain an understanding of the types of music purchased, where customers live, and how the company might optimize their business practices.

Analyze Survey Data – Use statistics and Excel to summarize the results of a survey sent to Udacity Nanodegree program alumni. Clean the data, adjust for common data issues, use statistics and visualizations to explore the data, and highlight findings using data visualizations.

Build Data Dashboards – Build interactive dashboards with Tableau and use them to discover and communicate insights from data. Use a dataset of flight delays in the US to visualize the quality of airlines and airports, find the best times to fly, and more.


Upon course completion learners gain foundational data analysis skills that enable them to implement effective data-driven solutions.

3 Months
Study 10 hrs/week

Built in partnership with
Tableau & Mode

Software needed
Tableau - license included, Microsoft Excel

Job Opportunities


This Nanodegree program is well-suited for those those looking to apply data skills in their current roles. It is also a great first step on a journey to becoming a data analyst or data scientist. Graduates will be prepared for the following job opportunities:

  • Junior Data Analyst
  • Junior Business Analyst

Udacity has more courses that will pick up from where this course leaves off to help learners become ready for a career in data science.

Types of companies

  • Tech companies
  • IT consulting
  • Universities
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Financial services

 Example Companies

  • IBM
  • KeyLogic Systems
  • PetSmart
  • Marshfield Clinic Health System
  • American Express


  • Product Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Operations Analyst

Udacity Student Success Stories from around the world

Excerpts from the Udacity blog

“As soon as I graduated from the Data Foundation Nanodegree program [now called Business Analytics], I started to apply for job opportunities located around the area where I live. As suggested by Udacity career support, I constantly updated my resume to better fit the job requirements as well as my most current achievements.

My role currently is a data analyst. I am working with data in SQL Server and using SS Studio Management as data management (manipulation) and reporting (querying) tool. The other tool that I am using intensely is Excel (pivot and pivot chart features) as well as Tableau dashboard. In general the tasks I am doing are: collecting data, cleaning, formatting, import-export, and visualization. Beside those, once in a while I also write some instruction or user guide documents using Microsoft office applications such as powerpoint, words, etc.”
-Herlina Toler


More details on Herlina’s story here