RII Digital Economy Readiness Assessment Tool

This assessment tool will help you identify which elements your community should prioritize as you develop your strategy and begin to implement your approach.

While the strongest digital economy ecosystems implement efforts supporting all of the 12 elements, most communities start with a subset of these elements.

No matter where a community starts, each will benefit from actively pursuing an approach to build digital and innovation-based jobs.

Use the assessment framework below to evaluate the status and maturity of each digital driver and foundational element in your community, and to evaluate the remaining gaps needed to develop the full impact of creating a digital economy ecosystem.

As you complete the assessment, the identified growth opportunities and strengths will inform your community priorities.

One approach to set your community strategy and longer term vision with this scorecard:

  1. Prioritize area(s) where your gaps are limited, where the community can achieve quick wins to build momentum and show observable change in the community.
  2. Focus on the opportunity areas that your community feels are most critical to achieving your success, while laying the groundwork and removing blockers for more challenging elements of the ecosystem. 
  3. Set the long term strategy to address those items that you may not be able to address immediately, as well as the structures to ensure your community returns to these items in the future.

The Rural Innovation Initiative is a collaboration between the Center on Rural Innovation (CORI) and its community development sister organization, Rural Innovation Strategies Inc. (RISI).

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