Mapping Your Community’s Key Assets

As you develop your community’s strategy to support a digital and innovation-based rural economy, it’s critical that your community takes an approach that incorporates your existing strengths. Each community we work with has its own unique assets that shape and enable a uniquely local effort.

This template is designed for you to map your community’s relevant and available assets. This is a companion piece to your community’s strategic plan, and will help you identify the key partnerships you need to be successful.

An asset map is an inventory of all the relevant attributes within your community or region that could be leveraged to support your strategy

The idea is to uncover the talents, skills, and resources already in the community or connected to the community so that you can focus your efforts on connecting and aligning those resources to accomplish your vision. There is no “right” group of partners to include in this effort, but the process will help you determine which partners and assets to prioritize.

The Rural Innovation Initiative is a collaboration between the Center on Rural Innovation (CORI) and its community development sister organization, Rural Innovation Strategies Inc. (RISI).

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