Creating an Action Plan

Community efforts supporting a digital and innovation-based economy will likely become a complex project involving numerous stakeholders working on different components. As with any large project, a frequently updated project tracker should be used to ensure tasks are assigned, aligned to key objectives, and tracked against the timeline. Numerous approaches and online platforms can be used to manage your project. It's more important to choose a tool and update it frequently than to be too concerned about choosing the “right” template. 

The examples included in this template are generalized versions of priorities and tasks used by communities that are just starting their community development efforts. These examples are not intended to be exhaustive in any way, but to act as thought starters as your team develops your own action plan.

This template is meant to track your project after your team has completed a strategic plan, and mapped your community's key assets.  We recommend completing the toolkit guides for these steps before starting your action tracker.

  1. Key Themes - These themes should connect to the focus areas defined in your strategic plan.
  2. Team - Each member of your working team should be included in your action planning, as linked to the team section of your strategic plan.
  3. Action Items - Incremental actions should link back to each of your key themes and tie to your full working team in your strategy.

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