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Scouting rural digital economy opportunities

The Center on Rural Innovation helps identify and build digital economy ecosystems across rural America. The identification of rural communities that are primed for innovation and entrepreneurship requires a study of different variables.

These variables span demographics, such as population size and population trends over time, socioeconomics, and also what we consider to be direct drivers of digital economy ecosystems. This map allows for an exploration of these variables, among others. 

This map is interactive, allowing customized filters to be applied to the available data. Whether it be type of higher education institution or strength of broadband infrastructure, the Scouting Rural Digital Economy Opportunities Map can be used to geolocate rural communities that have some of the direct drivers of an inclusive digital economy ecosystem.

This map can also be used to explore data about federal grants. All of the data underlying this map is downloadable.

Use this map to:

  • Explore and compare patent activity in rural communities
  • Determine whether or not a community has adequate broadband access
  • Identify communities with varying levels of digital economy drivers

About our work

The Center On Rural Innovation builds data-driven maps, tools, and resources that highlight rural America’s opportunities and challenges. To learn more about our work, visit our data and mapping page.

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