Rural Entrepreneurship

The Rural Edge: Durango, Colorado

SCAPE is place-based, focused both on incubating growth startups and helping the local economy—and to date, it’s succeeded on both fronts. In just seven years, SCAPE has helped rural companies raise over $24 million and create 152 jobs at above average wages.

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The Rural Edge—The Cubby, Waterville, Maine

The Cubby

In addition to the direct support these organizations provided, Josh says that through these experiences, he “got to see the powerful ecosystem growing here in Maine first-hand”—and it’s that same ecosystem he credits as a major advantage for starting The Cubby in a small town like Waterville.

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The Rural Edge: Wilson, North Carolina

Woman Walking into Gig East Exchange

At CORI, we have a saying: once you’ve seen one rural community, you’ve seen one rural community. America’s small towns are diverse and dynamic, and through our work with our Rural Innovation Network, we have the privilege of working in depth with 18 communities building digital economy ecosystems. To highlight these incredible places, Siegel Family…

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Rural America Is Not A Monolith

But changing the narrative for its own sake isn’t good enough; the major goal must be to inspire action that addresses the structural inequities rural communities of color face. There must also be resources and policies directed towards their specific challenges.

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The Rural Edge: Small Town, Wide Network


Often, as rural people, we underestimate our talent, or have imposter syndrome. We think there’s not a space for a rural entrepreneur or a small business, or no opportunity to scale. But when we’re persistent, when we actively build a community of people who can help strengthen and grow and fine tune a brand, we can succeed, it may take time, but I do believe it is possible.

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