Bridging rural America to the future of work. 


We’re building a network of rural innovation hubs to spark the revival of small towns across America.

We're an impact investing social enterprise. Our focus is on rural communities in economic distress; communities with depreciated real estate values, a decline of working-age families, and falling wages.

We're working first with towns that have the most immediate potential for success, due to a proximity to an institution of higher education, or a downtown district with under-used historic buildings ready for new life. We use a combination of unique data analytics and our extensive network of rural community leaders to identify our first engagements. 

Collaborating with community leaders, we plan and execute a downtown innovation hub using local, regional and national partnerships, and proven best practices for fostering resilient prosperity in rural economies. 

Downtown stack-smaller

We use the innovation hub as a starting point to identify additional opportunities to bring economic development to the region, through renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, responsible forestry, and more.

Our network of innovation hubs throughout America will be able to share resources and ideas, become a conduit for jobs at companies based locally or around the world, and channel investments to rural entrepreneurs.